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3 things you need for a new website design

Do you need a new website designed for you? If so what are the things you need to consider prior to embarking on such an endeavor? What are the things that should concern you now, before anything else? Here are 3 things you need for a new website design for you.

  1.  Domain Name – when thinking of a domain name for your website a) think of one that is closest to what your site is all about, b) make it short and easy to remember.  c) before having a domain name registered, come up with at least two more alternatives in case your first choice is already taken. d) if you are thinking of getting a local domain ( or .ph, etc.) you should consider getting a .com instead. It would be cheaper than the local one.
  2. Hosting Services – Once you have your own domain name, you would need to look for a server to host your website.  When searching, you would encounter two main types of hosting a) Windows hosting and b) Linux hosting.  Consider getting Linux hosting because of our next recommendation.
  3. WordPress install – when your domain has been set up to point to your hosting, our number one recommendation is to install WordPress. Why? a) out of the box, you would not need to know a single line of code,  It would work already b) if you decide to do customization on your own and perhaps do a little coding yourself, WordPress has a big community and has tons of sample code on the internet. c) it is super easy to install.

These may sound a bit complicated and we can do these for you. Just click on the button below to schedule a Free consultation.