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Choosing the domain name that is right for you.

Key considerations on choosing the domain name that is right for you

Prior to any work towards building a website.  Before even thinking of Choosing the domain name that is right for you. A domain name would point everyone to your website hosting which in turn, displays your website.

These are some of the things you need to consider when deciding on a domain name:

  1. Would it be easy for your target audience to remember it?
  2. Is it similar to another domain name wherein your target audience would easily get confused?
  3. Is it too long to remember?
  4. Would you want a .com (TLD) or a (CTLD)?
  5. If possible include word that describes your business ex.,, etc.
  6. You should think of at least 3 domain names and rank these from most liked to least liked.  This is to ensure you have a second or third option should your choice already be taken.
  7. Do not check if your domain is available with sketches domain registrars.  There is the danger of them getting the domain and re-selling it should you not be registering your domain right away.

Why are these important?

Well for one, you would always want your domain name to be as close to your actual Name or business name for branding or for easy recall.  Secondly, it would be better to register a domain you are comfortable with and to stick with it. Registering a domain that really doesn’t suit you or half-heartedly would be hard to change down the road.  This entails a change in your branding, point of purchase and sales and marketing collaterals.

When you have thought of your domain name and are ready to register.

  1. Think of 3 distinct domain names.
  2. Arrange them according to your choice up to your last choice.
  3. If you really need to verify the existence of a domain, go to for TLD’s like .com, .net, .org etc. Enter desired domain name and hit “Lookup”.   If the site tells you “The requested domain was not found in the Registry or Registrar’s RDAP server.” there is a great chance that you can register that domain.  But if it shows you details on a “Domain Information” table then change or try your luck with your next choice.  For CTLD like or .ph you would need to go to Your lookup will either say “Domain is available.” or show you the details of an unavailable domain name.
  4. Once you have registered and receive a confirmation email, now is the time to change nameservers.