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Update your website.

Your company had a website done in the early days of the internet.  It looked great during its heyday, but looking at it now.  Somehow it just doesn’t fit your 19″ LCD monitor it is either too small or too big. And besides, most people these days go on the internet with their mobile phones. Maybe it is time to update your website.

For you to be able to look visit the site, you might need a modern tablet or smartphone so that you can resize the site manually with your fingers.  Doing so can be quite a hassle.  Your site’s graphics may also be breaking up or were not designed for the times.

Last but not the least, you wish you could still get in touch with the original web designer and do some editing on the site.  Unfortunately for you, that was almost a decade ago when you had your website done. can help you fix and update your website.

  1. We will convert your static site to a dynamic one – you can easily update your website’s pages and create posts to update your visitors.
  2. We will convert your site to be “Responsive“.  This way you wouldn’t hesitate to send your clients to visit your website.
  3. We can copy your old website and create a dynamic version or we can give your website a new look.

Click on the button below and contact us.  We will explain everything to you step-by-step and in layman’s terms.